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    We have huge vacancies available for the academic sector. Interested candidates may check the latest job updates in the Job Gallery and send their CV/Resume info.edwinsoft@gmail.com

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    Teaching is categorised among the most respectable professions, since it helps the individual inculcate good principles and morals, and promotes the growth of the students and the guide, both at the personal as well as at the professional level.

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    HR departments are responsible for maintaining communication between employees and administration.

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    The quality of education delivered to the pupils in any country largely depends upon the class of teachers available.

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Since the company's inception, we have been playing a very crucial role in rendering our services to various national undertakings and multinational enterprises, both in the Private and Public sector.

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We have vast experience in the placement of Indian professionals possessing excellent academic background in the Indian Corporate and Academic Institute for Managing and higher Faculty positions.

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During the last few years, we have provided expert recruitment solutions to our overseas clients in the sector of education and have completed several major projects of various renowned universities and academic institutes. We have, so far achieved supreme expertise in the placement of teaching professionals in the educational institutions, viz., Professors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Lecturers, Researchers, etc., in the major departments of Medical, Life Science, Pharmacy, Allied Health, etc. Our main expertise is to provide qualified and experienced academicians holding deep knowledge and interest in the field of education, research and development. We have vast experience in the placement of Indian professionals possessing excellent academic background in the Middle East countries for higher Faculty positions.

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